Brotec controller F3000 series

The F3000 is fully digital, works quickly and has a modern appearance, meaning that it fits perfectly into all current cabin equipment inserts.

A maximum of three different types of filters can be recognized and displayed on the control panel. The cabin pressure and any alarms are also displayed at all times on the F3000. With four vandal-resist-ant buttons, the F3000 can be operated according to the operator’s needs.

The hydrocarbon sensor is optional. The HC value can be displayed on the LED screen. An alarm sounds if the value exceeds five PPM (even if the HC is not displayed on the screen). This HC module can also be retrofitted to the F3000 by the people of Ventox.

The FFCVSK2 wiring harness offers you the ultimate preparation. All cab air filtration systems and controllers are supplied with a single connection, meaning that everything is interchangeable. Upon re-quest, Ventox can also set up the F3000 to operate on machines from other manufacturers.

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automatically and safe

In automatic mode, the controls ensure that the overpressure in the cabin is at least 100 Pa. If there is too much or too little pressure on the cabin, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered so that the operator is immediately alerted to the possible danger.

Technical specifications

Brotec F3000
600 gram
12 and 24V
F20 / F33 / F33R
Gas sensoring
HC, CO, NH3 and H2S (optionel)
Meets requirements of
ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Acoustical / Optical (optional green light)
Deutsch and Serial, to minimize cables in- and outside cabine