Brotec signaling F4000 series

Brotec proudly presents the latest innovation of overpressure cabin monitoring: The F4000 is the all-rounder on the market with a view to the future. With a completely new design (with both button and touchscreen operation), the controller, like its predecessors, automatically regulates the pressure and will immediately warn the operator of possible dangers.


One of the new features of the F4000 is the new filter registration. Register your filters easily and quickly in your signaling. This data can be viewed digitally directly on your own Brotec portal. The F4000 will also warn you in time when the running time of the installed filters has expired.


The F4000 can be equipped with several odor sensors at the same time. With sensors inside and optionally also outside the cab, the operator has real-time insight into the air quality. The sensors are plug and play, the various safety limits are also set correctly and graphically displayed on the display.


All data from the F4000 can be found in real-time in the online machine portal. In this secure environment you will find, in addition to the data from the overpressure filter system, machine inspections and the filter registration. Has the running time of the filters expired? Filters can also be ordered easily via the same online portal.

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automatically and safe

In automatic mode, the controls ensure that the overpressure in the cabin is at least 100 Pa. If there is too much or too little pressure on the cabin, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered so that the operator is immediately alerted to the possible danger.

Technical specifications

Brotec F4000
600 gram
12 and 24V
F20 / F33 / F33R 
Gas sensoring
HC, CO, NH3 and H2S (optional)
Meets requirements of 
ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Acoustical / Optical (optional green light)
Deutsch and serial, to minimize cables in- and outside cabine