Pollutec 2021

Thank you for your interest in Brotec France!

A healthy working environment and an optimal cabin atmosphere for working operators, this is our goal.

Thank you for your interest in Brotec France during your visit to Pollutec 2021. Hopefully you were able to spoke to one of our employees about Brotec and it's brand new product range. If not, we invite you to watch our one-minute video which explains what Brotec France can do for you.

Thanks to a Brotec cab air filtration system, with its signaling and high quality filters, we keep harmful substances and vapors out of the cab. Download here the Pollutec brochure with our brand new product range and see which filter combination your machine suits best.

Visit the product page for photos of additional applications and other information:

Cab air filtration systems

Freshfilter Cab Air Filtration Systems offer a wide product range with differing filter capacity, air flow capability, configuration, size, and controller options.  Chose based on your knowledge of your equipment or let one of our specialists help you.


Our various controllers are fully digital and developed to perform efficiently in your application. Freshfilter controllers are always equipped for our standardized cable harness connections for quick and easy system changes.


You can contact us anytime.

Serge della Valentina will be happy to help you with all further questions.

You can reach Serge by email: serge@brotec-france.fr
 or by phone: 07 69 03 38 69

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