Cab Air Filtration Systems

Brotec's high-quality stainless-steel Cab Air Filtration Systems blow purified air into the cab, preventing the influx of contaminated air.


Control your Cab Air Filtration System optimally with Brotec Digital Signaling.

Cab Air filters

Protect yourself from both dust and toxic fumes with the right filter combination. Brotec supplies you with the highest quality filters.


Why Brotec

Made in France

All systems, signaling and fittings are produced entirely in-house in France. Custom-made parts are therefore produced quickly.


Our cab air filtration systems are fully INRS ED 6228 compliant.


Brotec is a future-proof brand that is always one step ahead with its innovations.

Brotec Quality

Completely in-house production, high-quality materials and strict quality control ensure that Brotec quality is guaranteed.


Meet our Brotec Quality

From raw sheet metal to finished professional stainless steel systems, full attention to safety, user-friendliness, and sustainability is our objective. Brotec France ensures overall filtration performance that goes beyond current requirements.