Cab Air Quality System

With a diameter of only 350 mm, the Brotec F20 is the compact choice in Cabin Air Filtration. Despite its compact design, the Brotec F20 is characterised by it’s high filtration capacity.


Air is drawn in against gravity which creates the advantage of the majority of dust particles being filtered in a natural way. Due to the vertical shape of the F20, dust particles are also ‘shaken loose’ by the shaking and movement of the machine. This extends the lifespan ofthe filters immensely.

Due to its round shape, incorrect insertion of the filter is impossible. The radial fan ensures a uniform 360 ° air flow suction foran optimal air distribution over the entire filter medium. This technology also has a positive effect on the noise level, with the F20 being comparatively quieter than other systems.

It is important to combine the right filter elements for each application.The compact F20 has space for a 3.5 kg activated carbon filter. If the concentration of pollutants is high (dust and toxic fumes).

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Filter combination F20 - dust pollution only


P1 / P3 Combination dust filter (H13) EN1822

Filter combination F20 - Dust & gas pollution

KF202411ABEK *

Activated carbon filter ABEK 3,5 kg EN12941 / EN14387


P1 / P3 Combination dust filter (H13) EN1822

* In addition to active carbon filters type ABEK, other combinations are also possible, e.g. B. A, AB, AK, etc...

Technical specifications

All Brotec France F20 systems are constructed of stainless steel and robust assembly parts to suit industrial and commercial environments and standards.

Brotec F20
430 mm (830 mm with high cap)
13 kg without Filters
12 or 24V, 240W
F3000 / F6000
Max. Pressure
440 Pascal, 120m 3/h
Meets requirements of 
ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Dust filtration
P1 (ISO16890) / P3 (EN1822/H13)
Gas filtration
3,5 kg  (EN12941 / EN14387)


automatically and safe

The in-cab controller is designed to be user friendly and simple to understand. It automatically regulates and monitors cabin pressure, activating alarms if necessary to protect the operator.

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